The Birth of Baby Mila

Originally posted September 26th 2016

This birth was something completely different to the rest I have captured.  And I would not be surprised if I never get to photograph another one like it.  It’s unusual enough to be allowed to photograph a c-section in Adelaide, as none of the public hospitals allow it.  And even then in the private system, it’s up to the obstetrician and anaesthetist.  It’s unheard of to be allowed to photograph a c-section, when mum is under general anaesthetic.  I guess this is due to the fact that usually if a baby is being delivered in those circumstances, it’s typically a very urgent emergency scenario.  With this particular situation however, mum knew long before she even fell pregnant that her delivery would be this way.  So, the doctors were more than happy for me to be there.  And I couldn’t have been more nervous and excited!

I arrived at the hospital bright and early, as Lisa was on the morning surgery list.  She and hubby Shaun were understandably both very nervous, while they waited for her turn.  There was a moment of “this is really happening!” as the midwife wheeled in the crib for the baby.  After a seemingly very long journey, all of a sudden things were going quite quickly.  Baby was nearly here!  We walked around to the waiting area for the theatre, and the nerves definitely kicked into top gear for Lisa and Shaun.  Before we knew it, the time had come!  And we made our way into the theatre.

I have a nursing background, and have also had two c-sections myself, so I have been in the operating theatre before.  But it was a very different experience being an observer, there to capture everything that was going on.  Shaun and I stepped out as Lisa was put under, and we got to watch the obstetrician scrub up as we waited.  Within ten minutes of us being back in the operating room, the anaesthetic nurse was telling me that bubs was about to be brought out.  It was all so quick!  And sure enough, there she was – a beautiful healthy baby girl, with a decent cry right from the moment she was born.

With this birth, the next most important images after the birth itself, were those of mother and daughter meeting for the very first time.  Lisa was very groggy when she came out of her anaesthetic, and she has confessed to me that she doesn’t remember those first moments.  But she has the next best thing – beautiful images of that first meeting, which she can cherish forever.  And that she can share with her gorgeous baby girl as she grows.  So precious, and completely priceless.  After that I captured lots of cuddles with dad, once bub was taken to the nursery.  And the three of them back together again, before I left them to rest and recover!

Welcome, baby Mila!

Birth Photographer, Adelaide


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