The Birth of Selah-Rose

Originally posted September 12th 2016

The call came at 7am.  Wendy-Lynne was fairly sure that she was going into labour, and she wanted me to be on stand-by to make sure I didn’t miss anything.  So, I got up and had a shower, and started to organise my gear.  Then a message followed at 8:30, saying to make my way there when I wanted to.  I packed the car and was on my way!  I was heading to capture my first home birth, and I couldn’t have been more excited!

Eight weeks earlier, I had met Wendy-Lynne and Matt for the first time.  A good friend introduced us at church, and the first thing I noticed was how big Wendy-Lynne’s belly was, when she still had eight weeks to go (this made a lot of sense once bubs arrived!).  I told her straight away that I was portfolio building with my birth photography, and asked if she was interested.  After meeting up about it a few weeks later, and hitting it off and talking so much that I missed another appointment, it was decided that we would go ahead!

The day of the birth I arrived at their home just after 9am, and it was a hive of activity.  Something else that was quite different about this labour & delivery was that Wendy-Lynne and Matt’s four older children were present.  And they were going about their morning routine, excited about the impending arrival of their little brother or sister.  The eldest, Jude, was writing down what was happening, similar to Wendy-Lynne’s notes that she keeps for each child about their birth.  Myla-Hope was supervising the filling of the birthing pool.  Eben was being read to and entertained by a family friend.  And Nate was playing, doing his own thing.

The two midwives, and a midwifery student, gradually arrived.  And things started to move along.  Wendy-Lynne hopped into the birth pool, and settled in for what was her longest labour of her five children.  I was blown away by how composed and quiet she was, and by Matt’s strength in supporting her.  Wendy-Lynne wavered between wanting the children near, and wanting them occupied elsewhere, but soon the time came when she wanted everyone in the room.  The baby was close.  What followed was one of the most amazing things I have had the privilege of witnessing – the natural water birth of a beautiful BIG baby girl.  Selah-Rose!

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